Artwork Guide

Artwork Setup Specifications

Supply files in PDF format

*Print ready PDF files should be supplied in single page layout saved in Acrobat7 as a minimum.


*Ensure images are high resolution at a minimum of 300dpi resolution (not off the web) and saved in CMYK colour mode (not RGB).


*All files must be supplied with a minimum of 3mm bleed area past the actual trim lines. Any colour print running to the edge of the artwork, must extend into the bleed area.

Trim Area

*Ensure text and images are at least 3mm in from the edge of the page.


*All fonts (text) should be embedded within the PDF, or convert to outlines if the font cannot be embedded. 
If you are unable to do this, please supply font packaged with artwork.


*Supply colours as CMYK (not spot or PMS).

Die lines

*If you require a custom cut shape or circle, please supply a cutting dieline as a separate layer in a SPOT colour and set to "overprint" so it will not print in CMYK. Name it as "dieline" as use it for the computer cutting.

Please ensure your artwork files meet these requirements before uploading.