Outdoor Stickers




Our heavy duty vinyl outdoor stickers are ideal for when you need your message to handle the harsh outdoor conditions. You can stick them anywhere as our outdoor stickers are 100% weatherproof. This means you can stick them to any smooth surface, indoors or outside, and they will last for years to come so stick it wherever you want your message to be seen. 

All our waterproof outdoor stickers are printed with eco-solvent inks which are themselves completely waterproof and offer a high level of scratch and UV resistance.
They are printed on tough, heavy weight, durable vinyl and you can choose between a 2 year or 5 year, gloss or matt white vinyl. You could also choose a high quality transparent clear vinyl sticker. We can back these up with an opaque white ink so that light colour are still visible when stuck on dark surfaces. 

By adding a gloss or matt laminate, this will provide more protection to your stickers from scratching, rain and sunlight. This is a multi-purpose outdoor sticker material that fits nearly all labelling requirements.